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The Hatchery

A fish hatchery is a place for artificial breeding, hatching, and rearing through the early life stages of animals—finfish and shellfish in particular. Hatching is a process by which an animal changes its life from an intracapsular to a free-living type and is, therefore, of great significance in animal ontogeny.



The course is designed to acquaint with the status and perspective of the Poultry Industry and advantages of rearing poultry. Various types of poultry farms and farming systems practiced in Nigeria are given specially emphasis and discussed in detail.

The course also introduces about the different academic and development institutions involved in the training and extension activities in the poultry sector. The different government schemes and poultry cooperatives are also dealt in this course. The course will also throw light on the common breeds of poultry, different body systems and functions, different breeding systems involved in poultry farming and culling and judging of poultry.


New Farm? Different Livestock?

Are you’re thinking about starting a small farm operation? Farm plan, assist existing farmers to scale up, diversify, or modify their operations to make good decisions for your enterprise, and how to start the business planning process.

Starting a farm is complicated because it encompasses so much. In no particular order, farmers must consider business planning, finding land, securing financing, marketing, production knowledge, securing equipment, developing or securing infrastructure, and their vision for their farm, a product of their values, knowledge and experience.


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